I finally found the wp-members plugin, which helps more than the rest seem to. You should ask this question to the wp-members plugin team. Hope users like this plugin. Yup, you can use your parent’s card if you’d like. Thanks to your help and support I can re-construct my blog.

There are a few great sites that tell you how to start a blog but this is by far the most simple step by step instruction thanks for sharing. Cheers and thanks in advance. On the other hand, WordPress offers a repository of more than 50,000 free plugins that will help you achieve something on the site without having to write a single line of code. In your article, you have mentioned few essential plugins list for WordPress blog.

This will install a few programs that are required for Local to work properly. Every few weeks, he would dig into his Pages and copy the content from those 12 Pages and paste them into posts. When you view your updated post or page, you should see that the code has been inserted and the new content should display on your browser window in the location you specified …

  • WordPress Custom Header Image
  • Find the plugins folder, right-click it, and choose the Rename option
  • Optimize Your Site’s Database
  • WP Staging (FREE/€89-plus)
  • Toggle Spellchecker: Checks your spelling

Add special rules to serve up cached content more efficiently. Can I ask you to add one more in this list. With its easy to use interface and Customizer, a beginner can quickly build a website. They will help build brand awareness and recognition on multiple distribution channels (including social media), speed up wordpress site so forgetting about them could be hurting your business.

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